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Rawl of the Dead

Rawl is a talented photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles, California. He has been a professional photographer since 2012 and has developed a unique signature style characterized by a blend of dark, rich, gritty, and twisted aesthetics. His work goes beyond just capturing images; it also tells a story with each photo, making it a powerful medium for artistic expression.

One of Rawl's notable achievements is capturing Metallica live at the Rosebowl Stadium in Pasadena during the summer of 2017. This experience must have been a significant milestone in his career, as Metallica is a legendary band, and photographing them in a live concert setting is a remarkable accomplishment.

Rawl has been actively involved in various projects and collaborations with dark aesthetic and alternative companies. Some of the notable names and projects he has worked with include Blackcraft Cult, Lively Ghosts, Eye Candy, Backstitch Bruja, Avenged Sevenfold Apparel, Sammy Hagar's rum company, Monsterpalooza, The Scary Closet, The Witches Brew, and many others. His work seems to resonate with brands and artists in the dark and alternative aesthetics niche.

In addition to his photography and videography work, Rawl has ventured into publishing, having his own magazine. This publication likely showcases his unique style and features the work he's done with various clients and collaborators. Furthermore, he hosts his own podcast, where he discusses photography, and conducts interviews with guests from the horror community and entrepreneurs. This podcast is an excellent platform for sharing insights into his work, industry trends, and the stories behind his projects.

Rawl's journey in the world of photography and videography appears to be a fascinating blend of creativity, storytelling, and a strong connection to the dark and alternative aesthetics. His experience, unique style, and extensive portfolio with notable clients make him a notable figure in the industry, particularly within the niche he has chosen to explore.

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